Personal meetings with kalimba

Workshops of manufacturing kalimba – adults (with kids)

Manual workshop in which you will experience how it is to be the creator of musical instruments. You will go through the whole process of production and you will manufacture your own kalimba – by your own hands. This workshop is suitable both for adults – individuals (ergotherapy – heeling by manual work, time for yourself), and for parents with kids. Meaningful work activity, conversations, full concentration and experience of the creation are the basis for well-spent time. We offer this workshop also to closed groups in the form of teambuilding.

Time duration: 7 hours


Workshops of manufacturing kalimba – kids (5 y.+)

Playful manual workshop designed for younger kids accompanied by parents. Together you will create your own musical instrument – 5 tone kalimba. In this workshop we offer space for well-spent time with your kid at work, game, conversation, silence. Workshop is led with regard to the needs of children’s participants, with regular movement and playful breaks.

Time duration: 3 hours




Workshop of Intuitive Games with silence, sound and movement

Listening, observing, ice-breaker activities with sound, touch and playing the kalimba instrument.







Workshop –  “Educational Concert” offer for kindergartens, schools and leisure centres

Talking about the way to music.
How to actually start with music.
Is it possible to play music without musical theories?
How to promote playful and joyful play in children and adults.
Time duration: 30 – 60 minutes



If you are interested in a workshop in your town/school/centre contact us at and together we will create a workshop to fit your needs and ideas.